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Personal Documentaries


Personal or family history documentaries are the perfect gift for you, your loved ones and futire generations to come. Capture your family history forever.
Personal Documentary Trailer -  4:24 minutes
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" I am so pleased at the family history documentary you made for my moms 90th birthday, it was the hit of our entire event and my family will cherish it forever". Leslie Moonves, the CEO of CBS Corp.

Remember the stories you father, mother or grandparents used to tell you about their lives? Where they grew up or how they met. Now, you can turn those personal stories into a breathtaking documentary that you and your loved ones will cherish forever.A documentary like this will make a one of a kind, precious birthday or anniversary gift or they can be tailored made for any occasion such as weddings, anniversaries, memorials and corporate events. Now you can document your family history for future generations forever.

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The Elinor Crawford Story
Herman & Jo Moonves - A Love Story

"Your film is remarkable and everyone enjoyed it. It was fantastic to be at the party and celebrate dear Elinor’s life and family. None of us survive alone and we are all part of a network of mentors, friends and family, environment and heritage. This is so powerfully perceptive as shown in your film."  Elena Irving

"This is about the finest thing I have ever seendone for someone’s mom.You should be proud." Michael Hamilton

"What an awesome thing to provide families to learn about the heritage for generations to come." Jodi Sutton

"it was so wonderful , really just wonderful, i am thrilled to see something like this." Elyse Klien

Why we make Personal Documentaries
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