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The key to any successful video production project is proper planning, and that is where pre-production comes into play! Activities include script writing and/or review, storyboarding, location scouting and creating a shooting schedule.

Pre-Production Rates:

Hourly $75

Half Day:$300

Full Day: $500

  • Demonstrate your product or service


  • Use customer testimonials


  • Introduce yourself and your staff


  • Offer a video tour of your office or business location


Post-Production is when we take your footage and edit into a completed video. We’ll add music, sound, titles, color correction and export and encode it for DVD, or the web, and upload it to a website; YouTube or Vimeo for your viewing.

Post-Production Rates:


Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Color Grading: $75

Half Day:$300

Full Day: $500


Our basic video production rates include a DP with a full HD DSLR camera, sound and lighting. Time includes One hour travel time. set-up & tear down time.

Video Production Rates:

Half Day Up to 4 Hours:           Full Day Up to 8 Hours

Single Camera Shoot: $400      $800

Two Cameras Shoot:   $800     $1600


  • Voiceover Talent: $300 - $500

  • CGI - Computer Graphics Imagery - $400- $?

  • Music Licensing. We will provide some music for free if the Video is for Promotion purposes only. If their is specific music you wish we can attempt to obtain a license for the use of your video. Cost for this service is $75 per hour. The licenses range from $100 - $?

  • Stock Fotage or Pictures: This again depends on what footage or pictures, how long the use etc.

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